Social may be sexy, but search still pays the bills.”

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We Are Call It SEO

Call It SEO is Windsor Ontario’s boutique SEO service with over 5 years of digital marketing experience. Over the years we have refined our SEO skills and have helped dozens of businesses grow their online presence, leading to more in-person traffic.

Call It SEO is a dedicated SEO and website development agency in the heart of Windsor Ontario. While our headquarters are located in Windsor, Ontario, we offer our services across North America and Europe. We’ve worked with companies of all sizes, from start-ups, to multi-million dollar corporations.

We take great pride in creating long-lasting positive results for our clients and providing absolute transparency in our SEO process. Call It SEO is the digital solution for businesses looking to grow online. Many other digital agencies will tell you, that social is the key to driving new traffic to your business, but we see things differently. When it comes to growing your local businesses, we have the data and research to prove that search is #1.

Every step of our website optimization process is driven by hard data. No guesswork! We focus on improving our client’s ROI, generating results, and paving the way for long-term growth with our SEO techniques.

Our clients have found quick and long-term success working with the Call It SEO team.

Call It SEO’s Services

Call It SEO offers website development, website re-design, and SEO services for our clients.

If your business is looking to have a website built by a team of professional web developers, look no further than Call It SEO. Our team will build you a premium website that looks visually appealing,  is SEO optimized, and works great across all devices and browsers.

SEO is our specialty, it’s in our name! Having a great website is only the first step to ranking on search engines like Google. You can count on our team at Call It SEO to optimize your website every month and build authority to your website so you can outrank your local competition.

Many businesses already have a website. Great! But is your website optimized for everything search engines are looking for? Is your website built on a website builder like Wix or Squarespace? When Call It SEO redesigns a website, we build from the ground up using WordPress. Did you know 40% of the web was built on WordPress?

Our Prices

Our goal at Call It SEO is for you to know that your business’s website is being taken care of by real experts in the field. Our core belief is that SEO work should be 100% transparent between client and agency starting with costs.

The reason that many website developers don’t state a price on their website is because of these 2 words “it depends.” While this is true, there is a lack of transparency in the industry regarding where website development fees come from. When you hire Call It SEO to build your website, you have a right to know our cost.

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Call It SEO designs websites starting from $500 CAD and charge an additional $100 per page after 4 pages. We also have additional fees depending on the extra functionalities you want on your website.

Having a great website is only the first step to outranking the competition. To appear first on search engines like Google, your website needs constant SEO. Think of your website’s ranking on Google as a human baby and SEO as the food. Websites are a lot more delicate than people realize, which is why we take the utmost care when optimizing yours. We supply backlinks as food for your website and make data-driven monthly on-site changes to your website. Think of these changes as new clothes on a growing baby.

For SEO to work, it takes time! Don’t expect results immediately but over a period of 3-6 months. In some cases, our techniques will result in instant growth. Our monthly SEO plans start at $400 and can be tailored to your business’s specific needs.

Our SEO Process

At Call It SEO, we pride ourselves on transparency. We want you to understand our process from beginning to end.

Step 1:

Competitive Analysis

The first step to optimizing your website begins with understanding who you are up against. Our team at Call It SEO will do a deep analysis into the local competition of your business and get a deeper understanding of how competitive your market is. From this, we are able to give you an estimated timeline for the growth of your business’s website.

Step 2:

On-Site Optimization

Our team will take a deep dive into your website and make sure everything is optimized for search engines. The team at Call It SEO will update photos, rewrite content, and make changes to your website’s code to make it more accessible to search engines and visitors. We will go through each page of your website and update content using data-collected over time.

Step 3:

Building Authority

Search engines decide who gets to be at the top of search results by looking at a website’s authority. Authority is measured by other websites that link to yours. The team at Call It SEO are experts at raising your website’s authority by creating backlinks and getting your business listed in local directories. We have a number of different tools to get the job done!


Our Local SEO Tips

The team at Call It SEO regularly creates guides on how you can grow your local business using organic SEO techniques.

Our Web Design And SEO Work For Our Clients Websites

Check out these case studies from a few of Call It SEO’s clients. See for yourself the results we’ve been able to achieve for our clients.

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