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If you have a website up and running, isn’t it important to make your website as beautiful, optimized, and accessible for your users as possible?

Our team at Call It SEO has spent years designing websites for the sole purpose of improving the user’s experience. We’d be doing a deep dive into your site to find what users are seeing the most and what they aren’t seeing, so we can keep the users engaged and engage them with the low traffic pages.

Our team at Call It SEO is well versed in the majority of web design software from HTML to WordPress, and can easily deliver to you the designs you crave. Our Web Design services are here to make your website look as beautiful as possible while being accessible for your users to find the information they need and want. We’re focused on delivering you a visually appealing website. See why so many have chosen to have their website designed by us!

website design windsor

What Is Web Design?

Web Design is a simple term that means the design of the website displayed on the internet. It ranges from the visual appearance, the layout, and the user experience.

What do we do in terms of Web Design for you? We can plan, create, and code the pages of your website with the content you want. We take charge to create the design and layout of your website and its web pages to your satisfaction. That’s our ultimate goal here at Call It SEO, designing your website to your satisfaction.

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website design windsor

How Do You Design a Website?

A question that many people think is simple but can range depending on your platform. At Call It SEO, we are well versed in several website builders from HTML coding to WordPress, so we can design your website with whichever software you’re already using.

If you don’t have software such as WordPress? You can get one through us here at Call It SEO. We primarily use WordPress as it’s the best website builder and our specialty. How we design your site is based on how you want it to look. From the written content to the layout, to the images, and the internal linking.

How Long Does It Take To Build a Website?

The timeline on building a website can vary depending on the size. A 5-page, fully completed & optimized site takes us here at Call It SEO 7 days to create for you. That is if you’re not planning on utilizing our SEO Services which we highly recommend for maximum traffic results.

What We Will Do With Your Website

When you choose to work with our team at Call it SEO, every month we will do the following things for you:

    • Create Webpages Based on Content
    • Maximize Accessibility for best User Experiences
    • Proper Meta Descriptions & Tags
    • Optimize Content both Written & Visual
    • Introduce Visually Appealing Layouts

How Much Does Web Design Cost?

Our Starting Web Design Rate

At Call It SEO we value transparency in our from beginning to end. Our starting cost for Web Design is $500 initially for a 5-page website and $100 per additional page after 5.

With our starting rate, we’ll help you get your domain name set up and your web hosting software so you can get up online as soon as possible. Any additional features you’d want to be added such as E-commerce will cost extra as they take time and intricate work to get started.

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Website Design ElementsWebsite Design Costs
5 Page Website$500
Additional Pages$100 per page
Ecommerce Functionality$2000
SSL Certificate$100
Live Chat$1000
Email List Setup$400
Custom PluginsContact Us
Monthly SEO1st Month Free with Website Design

If you’re not sure about your budget, let’s get into a call and plan your business’s website together.

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